Because I Don

Because I Don't Like My Big Brother At-All--!!

Jan. 08, 2011
Duration: 25 min/episode
Status: Ended

Seasons and episodes

1Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!! season 1Jan. 08, 2011


Eri Kitamura
Nao Takanashi


Nao Takanashi loves her brother Shūsuke despite the incest taboo. Nao thinks that Shūsuke is her blood relative, but in fact she is an adopted daughter, whose parents have died. After Nao learns the fact, she wants to fall in love normally with Shūsuke because siblings by adoption can marry under the family law in Japan. However, she finds herself competing with Shūsuke's childhood friend, Iroha Tsuchiura, and his class president and yaoi lover, Mayuka Kondō.

Because I Don't Like My Big Brother At-All--!!
Original titleお兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜん好きじゃないんだからねっ!!
First air dateJan. 08, 2011
Last air dateMar. 27, 2011
TMDb Rating66 votes

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