Tousouchuu: Great Mission

Tousouchuu: Great Mission

Apr. 02, 2023
Duration: 23 min/episode
Status: Returning Series

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1Apr. 02, 2023


The time is a future where humans have moved their residence to the moon.... In the lunar colony, a game has become very popular. The name of the game is "Run for the Money." It is an entertainment survival game in which fugitives are released into a limited area, and if they can escape from the pursuing android "hunters" until the time limit counts down to zero, they can win a large prize. Some dream of getting rich, while others challenge themselves to test their strength in "Run for the Money."

Tousouchuu: Great Mission
Original title逃走中 グレートミッション
First air dateApr. 02, 2023
Last air dateFeb. 25, 2024

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