Toushou Daimos

Toushou Daimos

Apr. 01, 1978
Duration: 30 min/episode
Status: Ended

Seasons and episodes

1Tosho daimos season 1Apr. 01, 1978


Kazuyuki Sogabe
Kyōshirō Yūzuki
Tamio Ohki
General Sakamori Miwa
Akira Kamiya
Kazuya Ryūzaki
Shozo Iizuka
Isamu Ryūzaki


The third of Tadao Nagahamas Romance Super Robot Trilogy. (#1: Chou Denji Robo Combattler V, #2: Chou Denji Machine Voltes V) After the destruction of their home world, the survivors of the planet Barm head toward Earth with the goal of negotiating the purchase of land to emigrate to. Unfortunately, during the negotiations, the Barmians leader, Leon, is assassinated by his second in command, Olban, and the delegation from Earth is framed for the murder. In the ensuing chaos, Doctor Isamu Ryuuzaki of the Earth delegation is shot and killed. Shortly after the disastrous end of the talks, the Barmians (called "Valerians" in Starbirds) begin a campaign of terror against Earth, lead by Leons son, Admiral Richter, who deploys a variety of "Mecha Soldiers" against the planets defenses. The only thing standing between the Earthlings and annihilation is the transforming, karate-using super robot, Daimos, and its pilot, Kazuya Ryuuzaki. But that changes when he meets and falls in love with a mysterious girl named Erika, who turns out to be Richters sister. Over the course of their struggles to reunite, Kazuya and Erika each learn that the others people are not all evil... and that their own people are not all good.

Toushou Daimos
Original title闘将ダイモス
First air dateApr. 01, 1978
Last air dateJan. 27, 1979
TMDb Rating6.54 votes

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